Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sweet sweet life...

Ahhhhhh.... life is so good.

I'm sitting here in my room at home (HOME home), with my puppy at my feet and my whole family in the house (mostly asleep), and I'll be here for an entire week...cause I'm on SPRING BREAK! Yes I know, it's all as exciting as it seems! But really though, there's no where else I'd rather be. I loooove being home.

Did I mention that it was absolutely sun shining windows down beautiful today? Yeah doesn't get much better than this...I love Seattle.

It's such a relief to have finals over and absolutely nothing to do. I am the happiest happiest girl at this time of the quarter. I wish I could just drop out of school and do this all the time...sleep in 'til whenever, go on a jog in the sunshine (okay so that's not exactly available to me year round...but still), be able to go to Blake's tennis matches (she's such a rockstar), lay around and watch as much TV as possible, read a BOOK, for FUN, (I know it's a foreign concept but it's actually such a great thing when you get to choose what you read. Currently reading: How to Know God), write music right when I think of it instead of having to wait until days later when I have time...this seriously is the best. OH and seeing my soul sisters/high school friends. When we get back together at breaks it's like we never skipped a beat, just go right back to where we were. Now that's pretty incredible if you think about all the new people we've met, the new experiences we've all had and how much we all grow in between seeing each other. That really says something about our friendships. They WILL last forever, I know that for a fact. My sweet friends...

Anyways, MOST importantly since I've been on break I've done some serious work on my music! Did I tell you that I started seeing a new voice teacher? Barbie Anaka is her name, inspiring me is her game! No but really, she's a vocal coach, a music teacher, a producer, and a musician herself. We had our first 'lesson' last week and it was such a perfect fit the instant I walked in there. She's younger, beautiful, cozy little home, and we dove right into business. She told me she doesn't take on many students because she likes to put her all into every one. That sounded A. good because that's great she cares so much about each of her students and B. intimidating... was I going to make the cut of the 'few'?

We got to talking and she said she helps artists with every aspect of their musicianship. Meaning vocals, music theory, guitar playing, recording sessions, getting gigs, finding bands, and making dreams a reality basically. I was completely inspired because she is exactly who I needed! She is that extra little push I needed to get myself rolling on this dream of mine.

She was asking me about myself/my music, what all I'd done and what I wanted to do, and she seemed surprised of all I already had going (which surprised ME...who knew I was doing some things right?!) but she decided to take me on as a student! Meaning she has faith in me! I'm humbled and overjoyed.

So yay for that! Yay for perfect fits. For music. For following dreams. And for having someone believe in you.

Oh and I should mention today I finished a song in the studio! YES and I am so happy with how it turned out. Dave, my recorder/producer, was saying today that this is our best one yet!

Check it out if you want, it's called "Free From You." Hope you like it :)

Anyway, if you can't tell with my writing...I'm dwindling here. Slowwwwly but surely becoming extremely tired. After an evening out with family and friends for my brother Bryce's 21st birthday, and Sahara movie on TBS, I'm donezo. Goodnight world. Goodnight sky. To a fabulous week at home!

Love you all.

Enjoy life!



  1. I wish I could've known you. Your lyrics, absolutely beautiful.

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